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Hike for The Best Langtang Trek Photos and Views | Photographic Journey


Langtang Trek is one of those journeys that you can convert from a simple fun filled trek to a photographic voyage. You can get the best Langtang trek photos and views by hiking on the Langtang Valley trek journey. It has everything that a photographer would want, and most importantly, they’re aesthetically pleasing, which is the first and the foremost thing that a photographer looks for. You will be forced to click so many Langtang trek photos on the route, as the journey inspires you in a lot of different ways. From mountains to water bodies, forests, and the different creatures living in them, everything will inspire you to take amazing Langtang trek photos.

Langtang Trek after earthquake is as an example of the idea that Trekking in Nepal is a flourishing tourist activity, and an industry altogether. Despite all the damages caused to the villages, the people, and the route, Langtang Trek after earthquake stands stronger and bigger than ever. What’s quite surprising is the fact that the recovery process didn’t quite take that long. And within a few months after everything was re-established, the tourists started flowing in, if that’s not necromancy, you can’t be sure what is.

Langtang Valley Trek

Langtang trek is a short yet adventurous trek in the Himalayas of Nepal. It offer the trekkers opportunities to see and do so many things. It’s a rich trekking experience with so many attractions and attributes. As a trekker, who loves going in the mountains, and soaking in all the goodness of nature, one should definitely go for this trek. Langtang can prove to be the best option for family holidays.

Altogether, the journey consists of 6 core trekking days, one out of which is assigned for acclimatization. The process is crucial as it helps your body adjust to such high altitude. The trek starts and ends at Syabrubesi, and during the trek, you get to visit villages and settlement areas like Langtang Village, Lama Hotel, Bamboo, and so on. Kyanjin Gompa is one of the main attractions of the trek. It is an old monastery, which is considered to be of great religious importance to the locals. So, whenever there are events of happiness and sadness, the locals make sure to visit the place to worship the deity.

Another crucial attraction of the trek is Tserko Ri. It is a mini mountain whose altitude is 5000 m. It’s a couple of hours of walk away from Kyanjin Gompa. During your stay in the area, you can take a day trip to the top of Tserko Ri. It offers the most amazing views of mountains in the Langtang region. Some of them are Dorje Lakpa, Shisha Pangma, Langtang, and so on.

trek in langtang

Langtang trek, with its routes and villages, is a part of Langtang National Park, which is one of the richest protected areas of Nepal. There are so many species of rare and endangered animals, birds and vegetation in the region. During your trek, while you’re making your way through rhododendron and magnolia forests, don’t be surprised if you come across any of these creatures. Anticipating them, and getting to spot a few of them, brings a different kind of joy to the trek.

Side Trips Around Langtang Valley Trek

Langtang Region is full of attractions. Langtang Valley trek is just a small part of the region. Even if you exclude it entirely, there are so many things to observe. Now, if you’re satisfied with the regular Langtang Valley trek itinerary, then it is ok, however, if you’re not, and if you want more from the journey, there’s a world of side trips and attractions waiting for you to explore. By extending your itinerary by only a couple of days, you can cover them easily.

Trek To Ganja La

By extending your trek by only four days, you can cover Ganja La, and many other interesting villages and settlement areas in your journey. Ganja La, is a high altitude mountain pass, which is situated at an elevation of 5122 m. Many consider it to be the toughest part of the region to walk upon and cross. To reach Ganja La, instead of heading west, back to Langtang village, from Kyanjin Gompa, you could head south towards Ganja Phedi. You will have to cross Ganja La, while going from Keldang to Yak Kharka. Both of them are prominent villages of the region. Other settlement areas that you’d come across during the trek are Tarke Gyang, Sermathang, and Melamchi, where the trek would come to an end.

Trek To Gosaikunda

By adding mere 4 days to your itinerary, you could cover Gosaikunda trek. Gosaikunda is a complex of 108 high altitude mountain lakes. It is of great religious significance to the Hindus, as it is considered to be the lair of Hindu deities Shiva and Parvati. During the month of August, a great number of Hindu pilgrims from around the world, and especially from Nepal and India, visit the place to pay their homage to the deities. The lake stays in a frozen state between the months of October and March.


To reach Gosaikunda, first you need to reach Thulo Syabru, which is at a three hours walking distance from Syabrubesi. From there, you head south towards Cholang Pati, and continue walking on the route to reach Gosaikunda. After spending a night there, you make your way back to Thula Syabru, and from there, instead of heading towards Syabru Besi, you will walk towards Dhunche, to end your trek.

Tamang Heritage Trial

Tamang Heritage trail, through it’s a part of Langtang Region, trekkers generally prefer to go for this one as an individual trek, rather than treating it like a side trip to Langtang Valley trek. The reason why it’s called Tamang Heritage trail is because the journey takes you through centuries old Tamang villages. Tamangs are one of the crucial indigenous tribes of Nepal, with their own unique cultures, traditions, and way of life. During the journey, you get to stay with them, in their houses, as their guests, and in the process, you get to know everything about them, not just from a social level, but personal level as well.

On the journey, you‘ll come across villages like Gatlang, Thuman, Rasuwagadhi, Briddim, and so on. One of the most prominent villages on the route is Tatopani, which is famous for its natural spring of hot water. Trekkers, after a long and tiring day, choose to take a dip in the pool, and relax there for some time. Apart from recreational purposes, the pool is believed to have certain medicinal properties as well. It is said that taking a dip here will cure all diseases related to muscles and joints.

tamang heritage trial

Needless to say, since the trail is a part of Langtang region and most importantly Langtang National park, you will get to enjoy all the natural beauties during the trek. Langtang Valley Trek and the other treks in the region also have a cultural touch to them, but Tamang Heritage trail takes this feature to a whole new level. If you’re someone, who loves getting to know about people and world cultures, well, going on this journey is the best way to do so. The trek will make you feel amazing in many ways.

Langtang Trek Photos

Langtang Trek is the home to so many visually appealing attractions. From mountains to hills, the forests with different species of plants and animals, natural spectacles like rivers, lakes, waterfalls and glacier, and finally, the people, their cultures and traditions, and their lifestyle. Langtang Trek offers you so many opportunities to click amazing Langtang trek Photos. These Langtang trek photos will make up a great photo collection of yours. By clicking the right Langtang trek Photos, you can tell the story of the region. Your Langtang trek photos can tell the tale of how people in the region live, how they’ve learned to co-exist with all these natural elements, and how perfectly synced everything seems.

As the journey takes you through Langtang National Park, as a photography enthusiast, it should be your priority to get the best Langtang National Park images. The park brings natural beauty to the region. With all its natural spectacles, both living and non-living, the park adds excitement to the journey. You can use its attributes to your advantage by clicking amazing Langtang national Park images.

trek in langtang

If you’re someone who’s into photography, and who constantly goes on photo tours, well, Langtang Valley trek could be a great option for you to click the best Langtang Trek Photos. The route, with all the villages on it, presents to you few of the best natural and human elements that are aesthetically pleasing. For a photographer looking for the best Langtang trek photos, this is all that they need. So, hike on the Langtang Valley trek route for the best Lantang trek photos and views, and for a wonderful photographic journey.

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