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Langtang Trek Nepal : Your Trek Can Be Rough Glide Without A Guide

langtang trek nepal

Trekking in Nepal is an absolute pleasure, with all the things to see and do during the journey. However, to always stay on the track, and to get the best out of the trek, you need someone who doesn’t just understand trekking at its core, but also the area you’re trekking in. The hills and the mountains of Nepal, especially during Langtang Trek Nepal, are full of surprises. They have so many beautiful things to offer to you, but also hides within certain discomforts like extreme weather, rough terrains, the depths or the wild, and language issues. And your solution to all these problems is, without a doubt, a guide.

Trekking guide in Nepal will not just tell you the things that you need to do during the trek, but also the ones that you’re meant to avoid. He will help you have the best experience, by showering you with all the knowledge about the settlements that you visit, or the natural spectacles that you come across. He will give you health and trekking tips so that you stay in your best shape throughout the trek. And, most importantly, he will make sure that you reach your trekking destination safe and sound before the day ends. When you’re out on the route, away from all the comforts, there’re nothing that you’d want more than all this.

langtang valley trek

A guide is crucial especially when it comes to Langtang Trek Nepal, as, without someone who knows the region, this trek is more of like a punishment. This trek has all the above mentioned features that make it challenging, but hiring a guide for the trek can lower the difficulty level and higher the fun up to a great extent. Now, there are people who tend to go for treks, or similar kind of trips, on their own, and tend have the most amount of fun without someone guiding them. But remember, these are highly experienced trekkers, who know their way around, and have been doing this for years. Trying to imitate what the professionals do, might cause you to land up in a serious trouble.


Langtang Trek Nepal is one of the most amazing trekking routes in Nepal. It’s a complete package, as it has all the natural and human elements. These aspects make the trip a once in a lifetime experience. Every year, thousands of tourists from all over the world come for Langtang Valley Trek to Syabrubesi, the starting point of the trek, with a hope to reach the settlement of Langtang Village, visit Lama Hotel, and make their way back, to the end of the trail. In the process, they hope to fully experience what the trail has to offer.

Langtang Trek Nepal offers them all kind of challenges, including the ascend to the top of Tserko Ri, a 5000 m tall mini mountain. It offers splendid views of mountains in the Langtang Region, including that of sunrise and sunset. The trail also offers quiet and peaceful moments in the form of Buddhist pilgrimage sites such as Kyanjin Gompa, the center of religious worships and celebrations in the region.

langtang trek

The adventure in the Langtang Valley Trek actually begins with the drive from Kathmandu to Syabrubesi. You will make your way through narrow roads that twist and turn and wrap around the hills. You’ll notice rivers and waterfalls intersecting the highway, and you’re required to make your way through all that. You have to be calm and composed throughout the drive, as it’s no less than a scary roller coaster ride.

red panda

Ater earthquake in 2015, Langtang was greatly impacted. Many locals and tourists lost their lives. Villages were swiped away due to the landslides that occurred as a result of the earthquake. The routes disappeared, and were filled with rubbles and debris from the hills. Langtang after earthquakereceived absolutely no visitors in the region for several months. However, things didn’t stay the same for that long. The people, especially the locals realized that they have to do something. So, with the help of the government, and the funds collected from all over the world, people started rebuilding the villages. They did it with the sense of making everything bigger and better, and they were successful within a year.

Langtang National Park

Langtang Trek Nepal is conducted within the premises of Langtang National Park, which comprises of so many attractions. From high altitude mountain lake like Gosainkunda, which also has a religious importance, to Mt. Langtang, the highest mountain in the region, all exist within the park area.

The park is also known for its diverse mammal population, which includes animals like Himalayan Black Bear, Red Panda, Himalayan Tahr, and so on. During your trek, you would also hear folk tales of the sightings of Yeti, a giant man like creature that is said to exist in the mountains of Nepal. But no evidence of its existence has been discovered yet. While in the park, you’ll make your way through forests of Oak, Maple, Pine and Rhododendron, and you’ll discover so many scenic spots on route.

Another feature of the national park are the villages that are a part of the trek, and the people living in these villages. The majority of population in the region is that of Tamangs, a group of people indigenous to Nepal. One of the most interesting settlement areas is that of Langtang, which was completely wiped out during the earthquake of 2015. However, with all the hard work put together by the people, the village was re-established within a year.

The village offers services such as food and accommodation to the trekkers, and is a major pit stop in the trekking journey. Here, the trekkers also get to witness the hardship of the locals, and gain an insight into their customs, traditions, and their way of life. The village stands as a memorial to around 300 people who lost their lives during the earthquake, and it is also a symbol of the persistence shown by the locals in terms of re-establishing the village.


Langtang Trek Nepal is a moderate level trek, when it comes to difficulty. It’s a 6 days long trek, and one day is spent acclimatizing at Kyanjing Gompa. The lowest point of the trek is 1550 m, which is the altitude of Syabrubesi, and the highest point of the trek is 5000 m, which is the altitude of the peak of Tserko Ri. The shift in the altitude adds a little bit to the Langtang trek difficulty level.

Throughout Langtang trek Nepal, the trekkers will come across varied and tough landscapes, from plain sandy and muddy paths to rough stony and steep ones, and even extreme weather, with the temperature dropping below -3⁰C to -5⁰C during the night. Both get worse, the higher the route goes. The trekker may choose to extend their treks by a couple of days, to include attractions such as Ganja La, a high altitude pass, and Gosainkunda in the itinerary. Of course, that will take Langtang trek difficulty of the trek to a whole new level.

Best time to Trek in Nepal

The best time to trek in Nepal is sort of standard with respect to all the trekking routes. The time between September to November is the most popular trekking duration as it’s not as cold, and the skies are clear.

The next best time to trek in Nepal lies between the months of March and May, but unfortunately, during this time, the skies are not that clear. So, the former one is preferred mostly by the trekkers, and so there’s a lot of crowd during this time.

You can go for a Langtang trek during other months as well, but the weather may not be as great. Basically, the goal is to avoid extreme cold seasons, rain and snowfall, as these can ruin your trekking experience.


Nepal is a country that is known for extreme weather and landscapes, and unfortunately, these are the things that play a major role in the trek. If you trek on your own, you risk walking through terrains that will only cause you pain and trouble. In the same way, not being able to read the weather before the trek can result in you facing harsh circumstances. It’s therefore crucial to have Trekking Guide in Nepal, and especially Langtang Trekking Guide. A guide is crucial especially when it comes to Langtang Trek Nepal, as, without someone who knows the region, this trek is more of like a punishment. This trek has all the above mentioned features that make it challenging, but hiring a guide for the trek can lower the difficulty level and higher the fun up to a great extent

Making the way through high altitude passes, forests, and other challenging terrains can easily break someone who’s not experienced. In such scenarios, a guide is the right man to trust because he wouldn’t just show you the right way, but also motivate you to go through all that. You’re always aware of what’s coming, and prepared every time. Just knowing that there’s a guide leading an entire trekking group, just fills the hearts of the trekkers with confidence.

Undoubtedly, Langtang Trekking guide is an individual who needs to be included in your trekking bunch mandatorily.

Langtang Trek in Nepal is one of the most fun filled activities to go for. It has all kinds of fun that you’d want to have in a journey. Also, it has all the challenges that make your trip adventurous. All the fun and challenges are heightened with the inclusion of a guide in your trekking group. He won’t just tell you what’s right from wrong, but also help you get the best out of the trek. So, if you want to go for Langtang Trek in Nepal, and at the same time feel safe, entertained, and always on the right track, hire a guide. 

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