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Exploring The Sacred Lake Of Langtang | Gosainkunda Trekking


Gosaikunda Trekking takes you to the wonderful Gosaikunda Lake complex. Altogether, there are 108 lakes in the complex, and the main one among them is called Gosaikunda. It is an amazing spectacle of nature. The most fascinating thing about this lake is that it remains frozen for six months, and in its natural form for the next six months. It is religiously significant as it is associated with the Hindu deity Shiva. It is said that he created the lake with his holy trident. Every year, in the month of August, Hindu pilgrims from all over Nepal, the Indian sub-continent, and even the entire world, make a visit here.

Gosaikunda Lake is known not just as a sacred lake of Langtang, but also for its natural beauty. Located in a whitish grey and slightly green setting, the lake offers amazing view of the mountains of the region. It is situated at an altitude of 4380 m, and walking up to this place is a challenging endeavor. You have to cross Lauri Binayak La, a high altitude mountain pass situated at an elevation of 4610 m to reach this place. Despite the fact that Gosaikunda trekking consists of so many challenges, tourists, pilgrims and other adventure enthusiasts are happily willing to embrace the journey, and complete it by any means.

Gosaikunda Trekking

There are different itineraries featuring the Gosaikunda Lake. But the true Gosaikunda trekking is the one that is centered on Lake Gosaikunda. Gosainkunda trekking, also known as Gosaikunda trek or instant Gosaikunda trek, is a 6 days long journey, with 4 core trekking days. The trek starts from Syabrubesi and ends at Dhunche. During the journey, the trekkers cover villages such as Thulo Syabru, Trishuli, Cholang Pati, and so on. Gosaikunda Lake is the main attraction of Gosaikunda trek, but the journey also offers other attractions.

During Gosaikunda trekking, you’ll have the most amazing view of peaks such as Annapurna, Manaslu, Ganesh, Langtang, and so on. The difficulty level of this trek is moderate. Considering the places that it covers, and the trek duration, it should have been an easy journey. But the fact that it makes an altitude jump from 1463 m to 4380 m makes it a moderate trek, as the high altitude doesn’t suit a lot of people, making them suffer from Altitude Sickness.

Gosaikunda trekking

Gosaikunda Weather

Since Gosaikunda Lake is situated at an altitude of 4380 m, the weather here is mostly cold, especially during winter months. It is, therefore, recommended, that you go for Gosaikunda trekking between April and June, and between September and November.

The rest of the time, the lake is in the frozen state, so, it doesn’t make much sense to visit the area. The coldest month of the year is December, when the coldest day has a maximum temperature of 1⁰C and a minimum temperature of -9⁰C, and the warmest month of the year is June, when the warmest day has a maximum temperature of 32⁰C and the minimum temperature of 20⁰C. Around the months of March and September, strong winds howl in the region, however, it’s completely fine to trek during this time.

Langtang Trek

Langtang Trek or Langtang Valley trek is one of the best ways of exploring Langtang Valley or Langtang region altogether along with capturing amazing Langtang Trek Photos. Quite like Gosaikunda trekking, it’s a moderate level trek and it offers you so many attractions. From natural spectacles to religion and culture, it covers it all.

Altogether, Langtang trek is a 10 days long trek, but the trekkers need to walk only for a duration of 5 days. The major attraction of the trek is Kyanjin Gompa. On the day of acclimatization, if you’re looking to explore further, you can trek to the top of Tserko Ri, which is a mini mountain offering the most wonderful views of the peaks of Langtang region. The entire Langtang Valley Trek route is a part of Langtang National Park, which is the richest protected area of Nepal. You will find so many species of rare and endangered animals, plants and birds in the region.

So don’t be surprised if you spot any one or two of them during the trek. If you want to make your Langtang Valley trek more adventurous, you can include the itinerary of Gosaikunda trekking in your journey, and cover Gosaikunda Lake and other attractions of the trek as well.

Langtang Circuit Trek

Langtang Circuit trek is a form of Gosaikunda Trekking, as it covers Gosaikunda Lake, and so, it is also known as Langtang Gosaikunda Trekking. Langtang Gosaikunda trekking is a journey that covers almost the entire Langtang region, from Helambu to Langtang Valley, and of course, Gosaikunda. On the hike, you will also cross Langtang Gosaikunda pass, which is more famous by the name Lauri Binayak La, a pass that you need to cross while shifting from Langtang Valley trek to Gosaikunda trekking.

Needless to say, since Langtang Circuit trek is one of the lengthiest treks in the region, taking you to the most extreme places, its difficulty level is challenging. The fact that it covers so many different places, during the trek, you will experience sudden rise and fall in altitude. Whatever the case, you’ll spend around 9 days in places that are situated at an altitude above 3000 m. And it’s quite obvious that what makes a trek difficult is high altitude as it invites other problems like extreme climate, sickness and so on.

Langtang circuit trekking

Langtang Gosaikunda Trek Itinerary

Langtang Gosaikunda trek itinerary lasts for a duration of 15 days, however, the trekkers only walk for around 12 days. Since it covers the entire Langtang region, it offers you the best of all the treks and even more. On the trek, you will cover Shin Gompa and Kyanjin Gompa, the two most significant Buddhist pilgrimage sites in the region. You will spend your nights at beautiful villages of Langtang, Melamchi, Lama Hotel, Gopte, Tarkeghyang, and so on.

You will cross dangerous high altitude passes like Ganja La and Lauri Binayak La. And most importantly, you will cover Gosaikunda Lake, the most significant Hindu pilgrimage site in the region. All these different trekking journeys, altogether with Gosaikunda trekking, offer the most amazing and unbelievable trekking experience to the tourists embarking on the trip.

Helambu Trek

Helambu trek is a 9 days long journey, with 6 days of core trekking, that starts from Sudarijal and ends at Melamchi Bazaar. During the trek, the tourists cover villages such as Chisapani, Kutumsang, Tharepati, Tarkeghyang, Sermathang, and so on. These are few of the naturally and culturally gifted villages of Nepal.

The reason why it’s called Helambu trek is because the entire area is called Helambu region. The region is home to Hyolma people, who are the descendants if Tibetans. They migrated to Nepal centuries ago, and mingled with the local indigenous tribes here. The Hyolmo people have their own unique cultures and traditions, and it’s an absolute pleasure to experience them first hand. The trek is the best way to experience nature, as it takes you through the beautiful forests of Sundarijal and Nagarjuna. The best thing about this journey is that it is an easy and pleasant trek, and so, people from all walks of life, or any age and expertise level can go for this journey.

Gosaikunda Trekking, together with other treks in the Langtang region, offers the trekkers the most amazing journey. One of the best things about Gosaikunda trekking is that it’s short, and so, you can incorporate other treks in the region to it and personalize it. From Ganja La Pass and Langtang Village to Kyanjin Gompa, you can include all these attractions to your Gosaikunda trekking. And even if you lack the time and resources to cover the side treks, Gosaikunda trekking on its own is a great journey.

Gosaikunda Trekking

Gosaikunda trekking has all the elements that you can expect in a good trekking journey. From the most unbelievable spectacles of nature to the most outstanding human elements like religion and culture, Gosaikunda trekking has it all. In comparison to the other popular trekking routes, Gosaikunda trekking offers a different flavored trek to the adventure enthusiasts.

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