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Free Health Checkup Programs

Free health checkup programs

For years now, Great Nepal Treks & Expedition has been organizing Free Helth Checkup Programs on an annual basis under affiliation with Manab Kalyan Saving & Credit Co-Operative Ltd and Babylon National Higher Secondary School. While the health checkup program is very simple featuring common eye tests, dental checkups, blood donation programs, ENT check up and much more, it is open to everyone.

Ever since Great Nepal was founded, we have been conduction the program annually at our affiliated school Babylon National Higher Secondary School. The checkups are completely free and anyone who wants to participate in the program is always welcome.

We conducted this Free Health Checkup Programs in 2018 too, and more than a hundred people joined us to make it successful. Normally, we have no age restrictions and individual of any age can arrive at the school and get their normal health checkup for free during a certain time. From toddlers to youngsters and mid-age to old age, different age groups received free health checkup services.

We conduct the program every year and the number of people has been increasing every time. It makes us very happy that we are able to provide these services, free of cost. So, seeing the massive success of the program in 2018, we are planning the make it even bigger and available to more people in 2019. In the future, we plan on not only increasing the number of services but even offering it in other locations too.

In Great Nepal, we believe in giving and this is one of the many ways we have adopted to give to the public.