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  • Country: Nepal
  • Transportation: Domestic airplane and private vehicles
  • Arrival on: Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Departure from: Kathmandu, Nepal

Tiji is a fascinating three-day festival known as the “Chasing of the demons ”celebrated every year in Upper Mustang .It is also known by the name Tenzi festival. On this day monks dress up in an elaborated customs with masks on them and perform dances and Rituals organized by Choedhe Monastery. About 65 monks from Lo Manthang ,Nhenyul and Chhosyer reside in this monastery. This festival commemorates the victory of Lord Buddha’s incarnation Dorje Soman over a demon called Ma Tam Ru Ta.

People also celebrate the festival with dance, music and reenactments from the story of a deity. The Rituals performed on this day are believed to drive away evil sprits.


Outline Itinerary

Day 1: Tsa Chham

Day 2: Nga Chham

Day 3: Rha Chham

Tsa chham is dance performance performed by Monks.
“Nga Chham” dance is performed, one monk has to stay in seclusion preparing for the role of Dorje Soman.
A ceremony called “Rha Chham” is celebrated, the monk in the role of Dorje Soman throws away the sculptural representation of Ma Tam Ru Ta.(It despites the victory of good over evil)



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To enable all expedition members to acclimatize well and hence maximize their chances of success, our expedition programs are prepared with sufficient time for acclimatization. Adaptation to the altitude takes time and there can be no short-cuts, even if supplementary oxygen is used in the final stages. The atmospheric pressure at the base camp is half of that at the sea level. A thorough program of acclimatization is built into the itinerary which consists of regulated height ascents, followed by descents and rests before the final ascent to the summit. This will prevent the climbers to get rid from altitude sickness.

Why Tipping is essential?

There are several reasons why you should tip in Nepal. It is quite the same as for what you tip in restaurants. They live in remote areas that are far from proper health and education facilities. Tipping them will additionally encourage them to manage good and nutritive food to eat, warm and comfortable clothes to wear or other necessary basic requirements to maintain their livelihood in a comfortable way. A small gesture of gratitude will do no harm to you but actually changes the lives of many people for a long time in many reasons. Our company has its fund collected from the some percentage of profit and sometimes from the tips of our guests which will directly invested for uplifting the economic condition of guides, porters and other staffs of office. It’s nothing more than the way to add smiles on those laborious faces.

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